Telltale is a club that seeks to bring the Yale-New Haven community together through storytelling. We host several shows per semester where storytellers tell audiences about their lives. Any and all community members are welcome.

COVID-19 Update – March 29, 2020: To all our storytellers, listeners, and to the world at large, our hearts go out to all of you in these uncertain times. We are so sorry that our live storytelling has come to an end for this semester, especially as we confront a moment when stories can be so important. We hope that you are healthy both in mind and body, safe, and not too far from the people who are important to you. For the many people who continue to go to work, from those in the medical community to grocery store clerks to sanitation workers to prison guards and to all others, we send our deepest appreciation. To all of you, only the best. We look forward to reuniting soon to tell the stories of our lives.